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    February 26, 2017 /  Foods & Culinary

    Nice Things You Never Knew About Doughnuts

    Donuts are crowd pleaser, and Americans deeply love its sugary, versatile and delicious taste. It’s no surprise that people celebrate National Donut Day and Doughnut Appreciation Day are celebrated in honor of these delicious donuts. In the 1830’s, when cake doughnuts became popular cooks have found out that they cooked more evenly the middle is poked out. Modern machineries dispense the rings of dough and holes are made separately, though hand-cut donuts result in plenty of holes. A well-known doughnut company sold first doughnuts with holes naming them after a famous children fairy tale characters, who figure the kids would go for the holes while grownups went for whole doughnuts.

    Food was used to boost soldier volunteers’ morale during World War I, and doughnuts became one of the most sought because it is associated with home and mothers. The reason why cops love donuts originated around 1940’s when few eateries sold donuts in graveyard shifts, and donut shops open early such as bakeries catering breakfast to the crowd. Donut shops welcomed police before opening hours to for safety and keeping the crime at bay, so cops got into the habit of going to doughnut shops for a donut and a cop of coffee. In the depths of the Great Depression, some armies produced donuts in World War I, fed the homeless with coffee and millions of donuts in New York City alone.

    Doughnuts are not exactly super food, but it can provide your brain with what it needs to effectively start your day. If you are having problems with concentration, it is often associated with lacking sugar or glucose needed to function normally, which is used as an energy source for the brain. Lecithin is found in pastries like donuts, converted to choline that helps in the stimulation and production if acetylcholine originating from glucose metabolism. Lecithin is commonly added in chocolate, so having a tasty covered sugar glazed doughnut in the morning can provide an energy boost for the brain, for you to be able to do the things you need to keep up with your busy day.

    The famous doughnut flavors in America include apple filter, sugar, vanilla frosting with sprinkles, powdered, custard, lemon cream, cinnamon, and double chocolate. The ingredients in making donuts are wheat flour or all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, salt, milk, eggs, vanilla extract, shortening, oil and water. It is always nice to start your day with an energy boost, so munch your favorite donut now, and we will help you find the best donuts for your energy needs. You can visit our website for more details.

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