• Learn About the Top 3 Benefits of Cranberry Juice

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    January 14, 2017 /  Health & Fitness

    Cranberry juice is not something many people will choose as their first choice for a drink, but they might want to reconsider this. It’s actually and incredibly nutritious drink that offers a large variety of benefits to a person who drinks it regularly. The top three benefits of cranberry juice include preventing tooth decay, boosting immunity, and preventing kidney stones.

    Preventing Tooth Decay

    Cranberry juice is highly acidic, but it also has properties that make it more difficult for bacteria to stick to a person’s teeth and eat away at the enamel. Studies have shown that cranberry juice can have a positive impact on a person’s dental health and that drinking it regularly can help them prevent cavities and other issues with their teeth.

    Boosting Immunity

    This juice has nutrients in it that can help prevent many illnesses, including cancer, when the person drinks it routinely. The nutrients can help boost a person’s immune system so their body can fight off diseases easier and so they’ll be sick less often. If a person does get sick, cranberry juice can also lessen the impact of the illness and help them feel better much faster. Studies have shown that the cranberry juice helps to boost the first line of defense of illnesses, meaning it could be a great way to help prevent colds and the flu as well.

    Preventing Kidney Stones

    Full studies have not been done on this impact as of yet, but cranberry juice has been noted as a potential prevention effort for kidney stones. Some studies have shown that drinking cranberry juice can help reduce the calcium in urine and correct high PH levels in urine, both of which are known to coincide with kidney stones. If the research in this area is correct, drinking cranberry juice regularly could be beneficial for anyone who regularly suffers from kidney stones.

    These are just a few of the benefits of drinking cranberry juice regularly, and there are actually quite a few different reasons why this is an incredibly healthy juice to drink regularly. Take the time to read this article today to learn more about the benefits and to see why you might want to start drinking cranberry juice more often.

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